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Week 18 -A Simple Thank You Will Do


What would the person I intend to become do next?  DO IT NOW!!!

Those words play through my being as freely as the oxygen I breath fuels my blood.  I am not thinking about it, but it permeates my thoughts.

What a day!!!  With a question like that dominating my brain, and then the answer, how could the day be anything but successful?   And, therein, begins my observations of myself.

So I was in a training session with a gal who was very excited about starting her business and affecting people positively both physically and financially. She spoke of challenges she was facing.  My part of our conversation was speaking words of encouragement.

Her response was that I always have the right words to say, right when she needs them.  Immediately my old blue print kicked in.  I denied her statement.  What was that?  If I denied her statement, was I not calling her a liar?

The observer in me called me out.  What was the promise I had just recited this morning?  “I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles, and compliments, which I gladly receive with a ‘thank you’.”

No need to dwell on my denial, replace it with gratitude, when a simple Thank You will do?








Author: MKE_Louise

As I entered adulthood, I realized I was always someone who just followed the flow of the water. When I married my wonderful husband and began a family, I didn't follow the easy flow as much as I began to aspire to create a world in which my children could thrive. My first move was to home school. From my firstborn's first year of school to my youngest's last year of schooling, I was passionate about home education. To date, all have attended collage for at least 2 years. Two have BAs and one has a Master's Degree. Each is very goal oriented and as much as I would like to take credit, I watched something that was already in each of them develop and mature. The credit is the Creator's. Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, supportive husband, Steve.

6 thoughts on “Week 18 -A Simple Thank You Will Do

  1. Thank you for sharing. I love the way you keep those things in the forefront of you mind and then you used them to teach your subconscious with evidence.
    Juneta’s MKE Blog


  2. Nice post — I think we all have moments like that when we look back and realize we could have done a little better. Our future self keeping tabs on us and urging us to step up!
    Thanks for writing.

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  4. What a great observation. It has been a pleasure to watch things manifest for you and for you to grow closer to the person you intend to become.

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  5. You are a great observer and quick to correct your course! Thank yiu for your great example!

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