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Press Release

Kitsap Sun

March 3, 2019

Kitsap Resident Lives From Within by Nathan Pilling

When I called to book this interview, I was invited to join my hostess for brunch.  The weather was exceptional for the Pacific Northwest and the view from the dining area through the double French doors was breathtaking, overlooking the Hood Canal with the Olympic Mountains in the background.  The tide was out so there were a myriad of eagles swooping and diving over the rocky beach feasting on oysters and clams.

Rather than use a script form, I have chosen to write her story as she shared it with me over a wonderful brunch of robust coffee, croissants, homemade jams, seasonal fruits, and delicious breakfast foods.

“Nathan, I have to admit I was very surprised to receive your request for an interview.  I am humbled by this honor but so very excited to share the experience that brought me here.

To begin with, Nathan, what I had to face, is that my world without was a direct reflection of my world within.  I had to accept that I am unique – so are you.  I am nature’s greatest miracle – so are you.  It was time for me to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life – the Hero’s Journey.   Time to respond to The Call.

Let me tell you a story about the Cement Buddha, truly inspirational.  Basically, it is about a statue of Buddha made of gold but because of invading armies, the villagers covered the statue with cement so it would not be pilfered.  Well, as the story goes, the invading army remained for generations.  As generations of villagers passed on, the story of the statue became forgotten.   That is, until one day, as children were dancing around the statue in celebration of being freed from the foreign domination, one of the children accidentally fell into the statue and a piece of cement fell away.  Although terrified at what he had done, the child could not help notice a shimmering from inside.  When the villagers were informed of this occurrence, the eldest villager was reminded of the story his grandfather told him and relayed it.

Excitedly, every one of the villagers returned to the statue, armed with whatever instrument they could use, and began to remove the cement.  Oh, it took a while because of all the years of cement, mud, and dirt, layered on the statue, but the beautiful gold statue emerged.

Remember this story Nathan because it is the very beginning of my understanding of myself and the journey I began, and am still on, to discover my golden Buddha.

None of the life I live today could have been manifested without finding my power within.  I was humbled when I realized I had been dishonoring God by not seeking His Will for my life – the world within.

Believe me, I didn’t wake up one morning and make the change, it was a wonderful process that occurred when I was selected to receive a FREE scholarship to a 6 month course called Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) in September 2016.   I had to commit, dig deep, feel some pain, and recognize some very bad habits that had become user friendly.  Through daily exercises, readings, repetitive actions, my belief in myself grew and the cement fell off of my Buddha – it is still falling off.

So that is the background, Nathan.

While in the process of the course, my confidence grew.  My desire to touch many lives in a positive manner both physically and financially became a reality through my network marketing business.  The rewards have been worth the pain because you cannot have one without the other.  Just like the law of giving –    ‘Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.’ Luke 6:38

Really, one thing just led to another.  While discovering my world within, my world without started taking on changes I didn’t see coming.

This home was one of the first things to be manifested.  It is a place of serenity.  I am in a perpetual state of gratitude, motivated to spread the joy.

A long time desire of mine has been to fully fund a missionary family so they can focus on their calling to teach the Word of God –

 ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,’ Matthew 28:19

I was drawn to a family in a remote part of Brazil.  The funding was accomplished last year, January 2, 2018. They thank me for blessing them but truly, it blesses my socks off to fulfill  God’s will.

Another passion of mine is under privileged children.  Through the company I am involved with, the Reliv Kalogris Foundation daily feeds over 75,000+ children all over the world, resulting in healthy, vibrant, brilliant citizens of the world who will make a huge, positive difference.

My goal to increase my financial support for them was achieved sooner than I had planned.  I am now informing others of this great work and encouraging them to contribute, as well.  I am humbled to say, as a result of my donations, a new feeding station/school/community center/church was built.  Last year, 2018, in the first month, my purpose was fulfilled.   My cup of joy has been over flowing for a very long time.

Oh yes, you wanted me to talk about my travels.  I am happy to speak about that because travel is part of my DNA and I wanted desperately to share it with my family.  Beginning with discovering the power within, travel is a regular part of my annual plans.

It has been a very fun year.  In January 2018, I took the family to Thailand.  This is where my earliest childhood memories were formed.  The whole family has constantly heard stories about my early years in Thailand, but once they experienced the heat, hearing the melodic language, and filling their nostrils with the fragrant odors of the treats being cooked by the street vendors, there was true understanding.

Once the school year ended last year, I took everyone, well, all who wanted to go, to Germany for the whole month of June.  We met up with our daughter and her husband, who have lived there for 4 years.  Hiking, exploring, and shopping in the wonderful weekend flea markets was so great.  I decided, in order to have a full experience, we needed to ‘live’ in the culture, and so I rented a lovely farmhouse that comfortably accommodated all of us.  We awoke to the clanging of cow bells.  Who needed an alarm?

Well, renting that house turned out to be a great decision and now has started a trend.

Next month we are off to Brazil, a country I have always wanted to see but, as yet, have not.  We will be doing a lot of exploring, visiting the missionary family I mentioned early, and enjoying the beaches.  Of course, I have rented a house.  Seems I am more prone to that than ‘hoteling’ it.

I have been told on a number of occasions I have more energy and enthusiasm for life than most people 20 years my junior.  That can only be attributed to investing in my health.  I choose to daily include the optimal  nutrition of Reliv, which I refuse to be without, eating whole foods, more produce, less meat, and I keep regular work out schedule.  AND a positive mental attitude.  These are what has kept me quite fit.  Would you like to see my running medals?  Don’t ask me if I like to run.  The answer would be NO.  I only enjoy the feeling of accomplishment once I cross the finish line AND, the fact, that as I get older, I have less and less competition.

I love that my family has embraced philanthropy.  Giving without expectation of reciprocity is a most amazing gift.  I may not be able to change the world, but I do have control over me.  There is no greater joy for me than that!”

The sun was beginning to set over the Olympics and I felt I had just gotten started.  Now I was being invited to stay for dinner.  There was no doubt  Mrs. Kohl enjoys practicing hospitality.  She also is very interested in people.  Many times, and maybe the reason this interview took so long, is because she would inquire about me and I would easily be engaged in a conversation about myself.  She has a gift of putting people at ease, probably because she has such calm and peace herself.

Before I left, she had me repeat two phrases and suggested I repeat these to myself, out loud, many times a day:

“I can be what I will to be.”

“I always keep my promises.”