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Week 21 -New I’s and I’m having FUN!


In the last 10 days or so, I have come to realize I am seeing things differently.  The world around me has not changed, I have.  “And I think to myself, What a Wonderful World.”

This weekend I had the distinct honor to be a Community Judge at a national Speech & Debate competition for homeschooled youth ages 12 – 18 years old.  I had a blast!  After 2 days, I was sure I could add a couple points to my IQ.

What I observed was, I was hearing the debates and speeches differently.  I understood the importance of having NO OPINION.  I listened for the presentation of the the points, then observed how the points were followed to the conclusion.(DMP?)  Was there passion?  Was there conviction?  Was there specialized knowledge?  Were the thoughts well-organized?

Yes, the judging was fun to do, but above that, being in the presence of youthful free thinkers, individuals who would research facts, both current and historical before accepting it, was both encouraging and refreshing!

The above experience coupled with words I heard on a seminar widened my observation of myself, seeing something that I lacked in my current habits, but something in which I missed participating.  What is that, you ask?  It is developing and maintaining personal relationships.

I am in an MLM.  In this industry, we are encouraged to build a relationship with the suspect , beginning with putting the name on our list and marking why we thought of them.  Nothing wrong with that!  But there was something I was missing.  I was so laser focused on the business and how their life was going to be affected, I missed connecting with them on a personal level.

My I’s are open now.  I give myself permission to contact each person to ask how they are doing.   How did the dance competition go?  Is their son’s team going to nationals?  New grandparent?  How about just ask ‘How are you?’ and LISTEN!!!  Not every encounter has to be business.  How easy it will become to pick up the telephone when I now have muscle memory from picking up the phone to visit and develop a friendship.  How FUN would that be?

This Master Key Experience course has been an amazing journey.  I have come to appreciate the slow and steady progression through the process of introducing new concepts for us to digest to form our own thoughts, making our own connections.

I have likened it to building a foundation.  Every concept that was introduced, from Week 1, was a brick that was laid along side another brick.  Then the next brick was put on top of the first layer, and so on.  Now, more than 3/4 through the course, I have a brick wall upon which I stand, feet spread apart and my fists on my waist, in a superman pose.  I stand upon a solid foundation.  THIS is a Wonderful Life!





Author: MKE_Louise

As I entered adulthood, I realized I was always someone who just followed the flow of the water. When I married my wonderful husband and began a family, I didn't follow the easy flow as much as I began to aspire to create a world in which my children could thrive. My first move was to home school. From my firstborn's first year of school to my youngest's last year of schooling, I was passionate about home education. To date, all have attended collage for at least 2 years. Two have BAs and one has a Master's Degree. Each is very goal oriented and as much as I would like to take credit, I watched something that was already in each of them develop and mature. The credit is the Creator's. Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, supportive husband, Steve.

13 thoughts on “Week 21 -New I’s and I’m having FUN!

  1. Absolutely beautiful … thank you for sharing … we all require those perspective changing moments!


  2. What a beautiful opportunity to have no opinion… be able to hear from every angle like you did. What enjoyment you must’ve gotten. Like a new magnificent piece of art.
    I’m excited for you. Great post!


  3. What a wonderful experience, Louise, to be a judge at a Speech & Debate competition! Knowing that you had all the training from the MKMMA to help you “be the observer” and have “no opinion” must have made it all the more wonderful. Way to put it all to the test! Fantastic post!


  4. Nice week 21 post


  5. You expressed so beautifully your experience with the young scholars and how your new experience has opened your “I’s.”


  6. You really are nature’s greatest miracle! Thanks for the uplifting post.


  7. Love the connections you are making between the MKE and your everyday life and business interactions.


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