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Week 18:1 – AWE

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I am in receipt of the most interesting card from a dear friend for whom I have great respect.  When I read it, I thought, “What are the odds?”

But in reality, nothing around me has changed, but I HAVE.  I read the contents of the card with new eyes and new heart.  I wanted to share it with you all.

“It’s another New Year, whether we are ready or not.  That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?  Life continues to beckon with all of its spectrum of colors turning like a majestic kaleidoscope creating magical moments of awe.  Wow!  I am truly grateful that it’s not my responsibility to keep it polished and working!  However, this year I’m planning on enjoying the benefits.  So can you!! It will be fun!!

The older I become, it appears that answers are showing up faster than my ability to form the words to ask the questions.  (Luckily, my being recognizes them even though my mind is still trying to organize the seating arrangements.)  A few months ago, the answers of the awesomeness of AWE arrived.

So I’m borrowing the words of some “wizards of awe” (PARADE, October 9, 2016 “Feeling AWE may be the secret to health and happiness” by Paula Spencer Scott)

Awe binds us together. Our thinking shifts from me to we.

Awe helps us see things in new ways.  As stress trips our ‘fight-or-flight’ response, awe keeps us still and attentive with a ‘stop-and-think’ experience.

Awe makes us nicer – and happier.  The Be Here Now moments make us act more generously, ethically, and fairly.

Awe alters our bodies.  Awe is the positive emotion that most strongly predicts reduced levels of cytokines, a marker of inflammation that’s linked to depression, according to research.  Positive mind/body connections equal better wellness.

This year, I’m actively taking my ‘vitamin awe’ and I may need to increase my dosage to boost my immune system during the winter months.  Every day, like clockwork, are 2 daily dosages of awe, sunrise and sunset.  I’ve been getting many of the sunrise dosages, but often the winter sunsets sneak up on me as I try to finish work before dark.  (The crescent moon was a wonderful dosage!)  There are other ways that I’m seeking my healthy daily dosages of awe, and I’m enjoying myself.  Remember to keep your dosages fresh and daily.”

What would the person I intend to become do next?


Author: MKE_Louise

As I entered adulthood, I realized I was always someone who just followed the flow of the water. When I married my wonderful husband and began a family, I didn't follow the easy flow as much as I began to aspire to create a world in which my children could thrive. My first move was to home school. From my firstborn's first year of school to my youngest's last year of schooling, I was passionate about home education. To date, all have attended collage for at least 2 years. Two have BAs and one has a Master's Degree. Each is very goal oriented and as much as I would like to take credit, I watched something that was already in each of them develop and mature. The credit is the Creator's. Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, supportive husband, Steve.

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