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Week 3 – The Sit


Where to begin?

The first 2 weeks I had my 15 minutes down.  I was rather proud of myself being able to sit perfectly still for the allotted time.  Inhibiting thought in Week 2 was a challenge that exposed me to myself as a rather negative person, when all this time I have thought of myself as being very positive.  Truth?  Positive to, for, and around others but not to, for, or about myself.  Good lesson!!!  Great exercise of observing and adjusting!  Actually, I was actively tossing negative out.  And that was fun!!!!

So here I am in Week 3 – Relaxation!  What a treat!!!  Having the ability to relax every part of my body from my head to my toes and every part within is like a mini retreat every morning!  That pit of anxiety that rests in my very core is calmed and I feel rest and peace.

Then the 15 minutes is over……that pit is still there!  But, you know what?  It has no power because I know the feeling of rest and peace.  That is what I claim!

Onward and UPward!!!

May we all be surprised at the results!

I always keep my promises,




Author: MKE_Louise

As I entered adulthood, I realized I was always someone who just followed the flow of the water. When I married my wonderful husband and began a family, I didn't follow the easy flow as much as I began to aspire to create a world in which my children could thrive. My first move was to home school. From my firstborn's first year of school to my youngest's last year of schooling, I was passionate about home education. To date, all have attended collage for at least 2 years. Two have BAs and one has a Master's Degree. Each is very goal oriented and as much as I would like to take credit, I watched something that was already in each of them develop and mature. The credit is the Creator's. Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, supportive husband, Steve.

12 thoughts on “Week 3 – The Sit

  1. You are on the right track and I will follow you!!


  2. It is with the “sit” that we eliminate the tension (mental unrest) that causes physical exhaustion. This physical rest calms the mind, resulting in less worry, fatigue, fear, and anxiety.


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  4. Great post I agree with you said about being more negative than you thought you were, I discover things I thought were positive were actual somewhat negative in the effect, or in the fact there was not effect, as in words or phrasing. I always keep my promises. Love the onward and upward.
    Juneta Key MKE


  5. PS if click on my photo which is connect to my website I have for years but I do have a link to MKE there too. My signature, however, in above comment, will take you directly to my MKE blog.
    @MKE_Juneta < my twitter for MKE


  6. Awesome that you are finding value in your sit. I love my sits. I get 15 minutes for relaxing and me everyday. I too thought I was a positive person until I took the course for the first time. I became the observer and saw where I was negative and where I had to do mental house cleaning. I hope you continue to be the observer and become more familiar with the person you are becoming.


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